Working Holidaymaker Scheme

Updated on Tuesday 18th October 2016

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In June 2003 there were only a few restrictions on what an individual could do as a working holidaymaker in the UK. Unluckily, the UK government reformed the procedures for the working holidaymaker scheme on 8 February 2005 and brought back many of the old limitations to the process. Our immigration solicitor in London offers proper guidance and legal assistance if you need extra information regarding working holidaymaker scheme in the UK.

Working holidaymaker can spend two years in the UK

The Immigration Law permits any individual to spend up to two years in the UK as a working holidaymaker. This two-year period begins as soon as you enter the country in this position and will last no more than two years. For instance, if you arrive in the UK for six months and then choose to finish the following one-and-and a half year outside the UK, you will have to use your two years as a working holidaymaker.

If you want to work longer under the working holidaymaker scheme on an employment-based group, this will only be possible under the Work Permit visa category. Our immigration lawyer in London can provide you with all necessary documentation regarding working holidaymaker scheme.

Operating under “Working holidaymaker scheme” visa category

According to the immigration rules and regulations in the UK, you can take on any part-time or full-time job as long as this is related to your holiday. Also, you are not allowed to do business in the UK, unless it is a very small commerce with only one worker. If the business will include assurances, like property investments or expensive equipment, or you need to employ a workforce, this method will be not allowed under the working holidaymaker scheme. You can be on holiday for at least one year out of the two-year time on the working holidaymaker visa. You are not obliged to take the holiday all at once and you could, for instance, decide to take the holiday at various times during these two years.

Don’t hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers in London for any other questions about the working holidaymaker scheme.


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