Tier 1 Visa for Graduates in UK

Updated on Saturday 09th December 2017

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Persons from outside the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who are graduates in UK have the possibility of establishing their businesses in the country by applying for a Tier 1 visa for graduates or the Tier 1 graduate entrepreneur visa. Additionally, citizens who have not graduate but they have a business plan recognized in UK can apply for a Tier 1 visa for entrepreneurs and then establish their companies in the Great Britain. Our immigration lawyers in UK can offer graduates the necessary support and information when applying for this type of visa.

Which are the authorities that effectuate the endorsement for graduates in UK

The cases where the foreign citizens are interested in establishing in the UK for business purposes as new graduates are supervised by certain authorities that are in charge of the endorsement for the Tier 1 visa for graduates, as follows:

•    the UK Trade and Investment (UKTI);
•    a UK higher education institution (HEI), if it is an authorized endorsement authority.

With this type of visa, you can stay in the UK for one year. After that, you can apply to extend it. If you are a student in the country, you might qualify for a Tier 4 visa for students. The requirements for the Tier 1 visa for graduates in UK depend on the authority which endorses the candidate, but comprehensive information can be offered by our immigration solicitors in London.

Endorsement by the HEI in UK

In case the endorsement is effectuated by a HEI, the following requirements have to be met:

•    the candidate has to own a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or Ph.D. recognized in UK, granted before the endorsement date;
•    the candidate must have an endorsement from an authorized HEI in the UK delivered in the previous three months;
•    the candidate must prove he owns GBP 945 if the application is made from inside the country, or GBP 1,890 if it is effectuated from overseas, in order to show that he or she is able to support himself/herself;
•    the candidate must have satisfactory English language knowledge;
•    the applicant must have permission to stay in the UK from his or her financial sponsor. Our immigration lawyers in UK can give you more details on this matter.

Endorsement by the UKTI in UK

If the endorsement is granted by the UKTI, the candidate has to:

•    own a degree qualification that is accepted as being the equivalent of a UK bachelor’s degree;
•    meet the conditions of the UKTI;
•    have an endorsement issued by the UKTI in the last three months;
•    have GBP 945 in savings if the application is made from inside the country and GBP 1,890 if it is made from overseas, to prove that he or she is able to support himself/herself;
•    have a satisfactory English knowledge.

The validity of a Tier 1 visa for graduates in UK

A Tier 1 visa for graduates is available for one year with the possibility of renewing it. Also, instead of applying for the same visa, one can be directed to apply for the Tier 1 for entrepreneurs in UK, another type of visa which is offered for business persons in the country. Also, graduates in UK can apply on behalf of the family members for joining them in the country.

Who is eligible for a Tier 1 visa for graduates in UK

The authorities in UK allow all citizens regardless of the nationality and with a Bachelor or Ph.D. degree, to place their business ideas in the country, without any restrictions. About 20 graduates are welcomed in the business field in the United Kingdom, each year if all the endorsements have been made by the authorities in charge. 

How are the selection criteria made in UK?

The UK Trade and Investment, alongside with high universities in the country are the institutions which analyze the business plans offered by graduates. The viability of the products and services, the analysis of the market, the business model and the reasons why such business idea can be developed in the country are only a few of the criteria established by the above-mentioned institutions.

If you wish to apply for the Tier 1 visa for graduates in UK or if you want to learn more, please contact one of our immigration solicitors in London


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