Tier 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Visa in the United Kingdom

Updated on Friday 25th March 2016

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British visas are awarded in accordance with the level of professional specialization of a person. As such, this is an important aspect to be taken into consideration when applying for a United Kingdom (UK) visa. British visas are comprised of several tiers, classified by the level of expertise of a person; for example, Tier 1 is issued for persons with a high degree of specialization, while Tier 5 visa refers to persons seeking for temporary employment in UK. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer assistance to persons who are interested in relocating on a work basis in UK

Tier 1 visa in UK 

Persons who want to relocate to London, UK on a Tier 1 visa basis should know that this type of document is issued only for highly trained persons. The Tier 1 (General) is no longer available for general purposes, as it was closed to applicants living outside UK. The British visa issued on a Tier 1 basis is still available for entrepreneurs or investors or for post study work in UK. The visa is available only for persons with a high degree of specialization, who have to obtain at least 75 points on an MBA program or by meeting the following criteria: 

•    qualifications (25-45 points);
•    previous earnings (5- 75 points);
•    UK experience (5 points);
•    age (5-20 points). 

Please note that the Tier 1 visa is available only for citizens outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. 

Tier 2 visa in UK 

Persons outside EEA can apply for a Tier 2 visa if they are skilled workers who have received a job offer in the UK, which could not have been managed by a local employee. At the same time, the person must also provide documentation on the fact that he or she has received a certificate of sponsorship before applying for a UK visa. Tier 2 is issued for persons who have a score of minimum 60 points (available for intra-company transfers) or 70 (general purposes), which is comprised of: 

•    the presence of a sponsor and a certificate of sponsorship (50 points);
•    English language skills (10 points);
•    available funds (10 points). 

Persons who want to receive a Tier 2 visa can receive assistance on this matter from our UK immigration lawyers

Tier 3 visa in UK 

The Tier 3 visa was designated for low skilled employees, needed on the British workforce market when shortages of employees are created in a particular sector, but at the moment, the program has been shut down. 

Tier 4 visa in London, UK 

This type of visa is available for persons with an age above 16 years old who are enrolled in an educational institution. The Tier 4 visa is available for students outside the EEA area who can speak and read English; the students must also prove that they have received an invitation to participate in a course in UK. The students can also work in UK under this visa and our immigration lawyers in London can provide you with the employment conditions imposed by the British legislation for students. 

Tier 5 visa 

Tier 5 visa is issued for a large category of persons, such as those involved in a youth mobility program (in this particular case, the students are not required to receive a job offer in UK). Other categories, such as persons working in creative industries or sports and charities domains, do require a job offer and a sponsorship from an UK organization. As a general rule, the visa is issued for temporary workers living in UK for up to two years. 

If you need further information on the Tier system in UK, please contact our team of immigrations solicitors in London, UK



March 21, 2016

I am a student in New Zealand interested in receiving a Tier 4 visa. I'd like to spend one year in London, UK. I have to add that I received an invitation from two local universities, to join courses lasting for more than 4 months.

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