Remain in UK as a Stateless Person

Updated on Saturday 18th February 2017

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As a stateless person, you can apply to stay in the UK if you’re not recognized as a resident of any republic. Our immigration solicitors in London can offer proper guidance and legal assistance if you want to remain in the UK as a stateless person.

Living in the UK as a stateless person

In order to be eligible to apply, the individuals need also to be in the United Kingdom and to be incapable of returning to another republic as a result of being stateless. The immigration lawyer in the UK recommends you claiming asylum if you can’t return to another state because you are afraid of persecution there. If you have already requested asylum or have an exceptional human rights claim, you need to wait until you have a decision. You can apply to remain as a stateless person if it’s rejected.

How long can you stay in the UK as a stateless person

You can generally stay in the UK for 2 years and 6 months if you’re given authorization to stay, also known as “leave to remain”. It is good to know that you can apply for further leave when your permission gets out of date. In order to receive the proper documents regarding your special situation, you should solicit the help of our immigration lawyer in London. If you want to stay with your family members in the UK, you will need to include them in your application, and they have to already be with you in the country. A “dependant” or a family member could be an under 18 child or the partner.

Documents needed if you are a stateless person in the UK

In order to remain in UK as a stateless person with your family also, you need to prepare these documents:

•    up to date passports and visas;
•    birth certificates;
•    marriage certificates;
•    certified letters approving the immigration status, and here we mention the reference numbers ASL.2150, ASL.2151 or ASL.2152.

As a recommendation, you must provide as many documents as you can to prove that you are without a home country.
Please feel free to contact our UK immigration solicitors for guidance and information if you wish to remain in the UK as a stateless person.


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