Permitted Paid Engagement visa in UK

Updated on Saturday 18th February 2017

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The UK Immigration Law allows individuals to obtain permitted paid engagement visas if they have been invited to the United Kingdom as experts in their occupation. Our immigration solicitors in London are able to offer suitable information and legal assistance if you want to apply for a permitted paid engagement visa in the UK.

Requirements for permitted paid engagement visa

You can apply for a permitted paid engagement visa in the UK if you:

•    want to come in the country to do precisely paid work without having to be supported under the points-based visa classification;
•    are invited by a UK-based association or customer;
•    are from a state that’s not in the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland.

Our immigration lawyer in London recommends you to apply for this type of visa 3 months before your travel to the UK.

What you can and can’t do with this type of visa

It is good to know that you can be invited by a UK-based institute or client to:

•    be a student assessor or evaluator;
•    take part in selection boards as an eligible academic, if you are called by an arts, education or research institute;
•    give speeches at an advanced education organization, as long as it’s not a part-time or full-time position;
•    inspect UK-based aviators so they meet the criteria of the state you come from if you are called by an accepted UK training institute controlled by the UK Civil Aviation Authority;
•    take part in arts, entertainment or sports activities, including transmitting;
•    take part in fashion modeling projects;
•    offer support in a particular domain of law.

Our UK immigration lawyer reminds to all individuals interested in permitted paid engagement visa that they can’t:

•    extend this type of visa or change it into another one;
•    live in the UK for prolonged periods;
•    get married or register a civil partnership, or offer notification of matrimony or civil partnership;
•    obtain public funds;
•    do particular paid work unconnected to their main job or domain of expertise at home country, or sell products, other than what’s permitted by their visa;
•    study for more than one month - studying can’t be the main purpose of the visit;
•    bring family members, They need to apply individually.

Please feel free to contact our immigration lawyer in London, in order to obtain legal assistance and information about the permitted paid engagement visa in the UK.


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