Obtaining a Leave to Enter the UK as a Domestic Worker

Updated on Saturday 18th February 2017

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Obtaining a Leave to Enter the UK as a Domestic Worker Image
A citizen can apply for a visa for visiting the United Kingdom if:

- he/she is a domestic worker within a private household,
- he/she has been working for an employer for at least one year,
- he/she is outside the EEA and Switzerland,
- he/she meets the other eligibility requirements.

In the domestic worker category is included the following: cooks, chauffeurs, cleaners and those helping their employer and his/her family and nannies.The citizen can apply for the visa three months before the date of departure from the country of origin. A decision will arrive within three weeks from applying for the visa, depending on the country from which the person leaves.

Applied fees and conditions for living (working) in the UK

It will cost £405 to apply for the visa as a domestic worker in a private household and the citizen can stay within the UK if the employer leaves for a short period to other countries. The domestic worker will be able to travel abroad and later return to the United Kingdom (in order to complete the stay), but he or she will need to provide proof of still working for the employer, like a letter from him/her. In case the domestic worker will need to change employers, in a private household, he/she can only stay in the UK a maximum period of six months.

What a domestic worker can’t do

In order to remain for a long period in the UK, the working citizen will not be able to change the employer (for who he/she came to the country). In such conditions, the employee can’t live inside the United Kingdom for long periods of time and will not be allowed to bring any family members as dependents. The other members of the family must apply separately. In addition to these conditions, the domestic worker must not receive public funds in order to be able to afford to live in the UK.   

For any other questions or any additional information regarding the possibility of receiving a leave to enter the UK as a domestic worker in a private household, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers in London. If, within the United Kingdom, someone will be in need of immigration lawyers in the UK, make sure to solicit our help.


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