Medical Examination for Staying in UK

Updated on Saturday 18th February 2017

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When it comes to health matters, the English are quite concerned, truly believing in a disease free lifestyle. Because many countries develop and house many of the infectious epidemics, every person applying to stay in the UK will be scanned for diseases (specifically TB –tuberculosis). The UK visitor must provide the biometric data and only those differently abled without fingers are exempted. So after applying for the visa and arranging the requested supporting documents, everyone will get tested for TB and enroll their biometric information. 

Testing for TB

When an expatriate plans on staying within the United Kingdom for six months or more, he or she must get tested for TB before applying for the visa. Failing to do so or if the person is positive for TB, he/she will not be allowed to enter the country unless the test has been taken or if the person is TB free. The medical exam can be taken at one of the Embassy’s approved clinics/hospitals. So everyone can make an appointment and take the test at a clinic near him/her.

Test results

There are only two steps which can be taken, according to the test results, which can be negative or positive. If a person tests negative for TB, a medical certificate will be provided to him/her by the clinic or hospital where the tests have been taken. The certificate then must be submitted along with the visa application (which is available for only six months). Failing to bring it when arriving in the United Kingdom will only delay the person’s entry in the country. If the result is positive, when the chest x-ray is conclusive, there will be need of a sputum test. Also, the person will not receive the certificate, but he/she will be advised for treatment and receive a TB treatment referral letter. After the treatment is completed, the test can be taken again at one of the Embassy approved clinics, before applying for the United Kingdom visa.

Fingerprints and biometric information

As part of the visa application, the biometric information must be enrolled as well, otherwise, the Embassy will not process the files. This can be done by anyone, simply by making an appointment at the visa application center, the procedure is quite simple and it doesn’t require any extra fees, mentioned our immigration lawyer in UK.

The fingerprints will be scanned by a machine (without any ink, liquids or chemicals) which complies with relevant international and UK safety standards. But they can’t be scanned if the person has any cuts, damages or wearing henna decorations. Besides the fingerprints, the face will be photographed (without spectacles/sunglasses or anything else that covers the face) and head covering is only allowed for medical or religious reasons. 

If there are any other questions regarding the subjects discussed, do not hesitate to contact our immigration lawyers in London.


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