How to Open a Bank Account as an Immigrant in UK

Updated on Tuesday 18th April 2017

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How to Open a Bank Account as an Immigrant in UK Image
Relocating to the UK means taking into consideration all the aspects as for any kind of transfer. You need to apply for a job, if you don’t have something established already, you must sign a lease agreement for your rented house, or you need to search for a school if you have kids with you. Besides these things, an immigrant in the UK needs to open a bank account, in order to receive the salary or any other income and to make all sorts of transactions. In this matter, you can receive suitable guidance and information from our immigration solicitors in London.

Conditions to open a bank account in the UK

Although people think it is difficult to open a bank account in the UK, it is quite the opposite. There are numerous financial entities in the country that offer the possibility to open a bank account with only a few documents like a valid passport and an identification card from your home country. A copy of an utility bill will also be necessary when opening a bank account in the UK. Most people choose a bank that is close to their home, in case they need to make quick withdrawals or deposits. Such financial services are also available on the online platforms of the banks, but complete details can be received when opening the account. Usually, the account is ready on the day you submit the papers, as for the card, this can be issued within a few days. It is good to know that some banks will ask for a letter of payment confirmation from your employer in the UK.

We remind that people interested in moving to the UK should solicit assistance in visa matters and all aspects related to the immigration to this country from our immigration lawyers in London.

Important banks in the UK

The banking sector in the UK is quite developed, being one of the most appreciated in the world. Banks like ABN Amro, Aldemore Bank, Allied Irish Bank, Bank of Ireland, Bank of London, Clydesdale Bank, Duncan Lawrie, Harrods Bank, Lloyds, the Royal Bank of Scotland are offering excellent conditions to all customers, no matter if they are local or from abroad. Immigrants in the UK are ensured that complete privacy and respect are provided by all kinds of financial institutions in the country. The following services come with the type of account you choose to open in the UK:

•    a standard account;
•    cash card or debit card;
•    overdraft facility;
•    user for the online platform.

Contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for extra details about how to open a bank account in the UK or for immigration services.


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