How to Obtain a Work Permit in UK

Updated on Monday 22nd February 2016

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Foreign citizens who want to be employed in the United Kingdom (UK) must apply for a work permit suitable to their professional level and their citizenship. Citizens of the European Economic Area (EEA) are not required to receive a work permit in UK, while other citizens have to apply for a specific type of permit. Work permit applications are handled by the Home Office and Immigration Agency, which can issue the documents in a period of maximum two weeks, if the applicant meets all the specified requirements. Our immigration lawyers in London can offer you assistance in applying for the work permit most suitable to your case. 

Types of work permits in UK 

The work permit application process can vary, as the British legislation established different provisions and procedures in accordance with the nationality of the applicant. The local legislation offers a wide range of work permits, issued according to the professional level reached by the applicant and the field in which he or she is involved. 

For example, Tier 1 (entrepreneur) is issued for persons who want to establish a company in UK, who are citizens outside the EEA space and who have a capital of minimum 50,000 pounds. The Tier 1 (investor) permit is issued for businessmen having a minimum capital of 2,000,000 pounds.

United Kingdom issues the following types of work visas

- work permits for domestic workers in a private household;
- work permits for representatives of an overseas business;
- Tier 1 visas, issued for entrepreneurs and graduate entrepreneurs, exceptional talents, investors or for general purposes;
- Tier 2 visas, issued for sportspersons, intra-company transfers or workers within a faith community;
- Tier 5 visas, issued for temporary workers in the following fields: charity, creative or sports activities, religious activities;
- Tier 5 Government Authorised Exchage visa, issued for termporary workers applying for a fellowship or reasearch program;
- Tier 5 International Agreement, awarded to persons working in the diplomatic field;
- Tier 5 Youth Mobility Scheme, awarded to students who want to study in UK; our immigration solicitors can provide you with further details on each of the work permits available for non-EEA citizens. 

Our immigration solicitors in UK can provide you with assistance in obtaining a work permit here and can offer you further information on the proceedings you must follow, in accordance to your situation. 

Conditions for obtaining a UK work permit 

In order to receive a work permit in UK, a person must make the proof that he or she has a job offer in UK. The Tier 2 work permits are issued for employees who have received a job (in the field of expertise of the employee) within a certain company. 

The employer can also apply for work permit, only if it can prove that the position that will be occupied by a foreign employee has been advertised at a national level and no applicants (within the EEA space) met the criteria. 

The minimum requirements which have to be fulfilled by an applicant are: 

•    a degree qualification recognized in UK; 
•    a Higher National Diploma, relevant for the employer;
•    full-time work experience in the field;
•    minimum three years of experience in the field for which the work permit is issued. 

If you need further information on the work permits issued in UK, please contact our immigration solicitors in London, who can offer you assistance for your specific situation. 



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