How to Find a Property to Buy in UK

Updated on Monday 06th March 2017

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If you have decided to relocate to the UK you can choose to rent a property, as all British like to do, or you can buy an apartment in the country’s most appreciated cities. London, Manchester, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Cork, Cardiff, Oxford, Glasgow, Leeds or Dublin are well-developed cities with plenty interesting opportunities, no matter, if you are a citizen from abroad in search of work, or you are a small entrepreneur who wants to set up a business. Our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with details about the types of visas you need to obtain before entering the UK and can guide you if you are interested in buying a property in the country.

Hire a real estate agent in the UK 

The French, Italians, Spanish, Greeks, Polish or Germans are among citizens who own different properties in the UK. Some want to live in the beautiful British towns with legal residence permits or some of them use the properties as business locations. Although it is recommended to rent a condominium instead of buying it, due to the special prices in the UK, there are many people interested in buying properties. A real estate agency can take care of your request and can search for the proper place. The entire process takes about three months, meanwhile, the buyer gets some offers and accepts the suitable one for him. The next step is to prepare the contracts and exchange the ownership if all the documents of the property are in the right order and there are no legal issues related to the ownership.

We remind that if you want to work in the UK, you can apply for a Tier 2 visa for skilled workers, members of religious orders, sportsmen or coaches. A work permit is also recommended and our immigration solicitor in the UK can offer complete support and assistance.

Tips to find a property in the UK as a foreign citizen

Most of the properties in the UK are advertised via the internet or at the local real estate offices. It is good to verify in time for a suitable place to stay and to get in touch with a real estate agent who has knowledge of the property market in the country. You can also ask for a property personal shopper who will only work for you and can recommend particular properties which are not available on the market. A foreign citizen who wants to buy a property in the UK needs to consider the taxes related to the acquisition and to make sure everything is according to the accepted price. It is good to know that most proprietors in London let no room for further negotiations.

No matter the type of visa you need to enter the UK, it is recommended to contact our team of immigration lawyers in London.


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