How to Benefit of Health Care as an Immigrant in UK

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

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How to Benefit of Health Care as an Immigrant in UK Image
From the beginning, we remind that the emergency treatments are free for all citizens no matter where they come from. The National Health System in the UK (NHS) is one of the most appreciated in the world, with experienced doctors, complete treatments, and innovative medicine. If you want to relocate to the UK, we recommend soliciting assistance and guidance from our immigration lawyers in London when applying for a UK visa.

National Health Service for migrants in the UK 

Any foreign citizen who receives the permanent residence in the UK must register for an NHS number which is necessary to obtain different medical treatments, besides the ones offered in emergency cases. This number comes with a health card which is mandatory when scheduling an appointment at the doctor. It is true, the waiting list can be long, but the emergency situations will always be treated in time. Citizens also have the possibility to receive private medical treatments in special clinics with particular tariffs. We remind that you can ask for details from our UK immigrations solicitors about the needed visa to enter the UK.

Free treatments for expats in the UK

With a registered health card in the UK, any individual can benefit from all kinds of treatments, no matter if they solicit medical help in normal periods of the year or during a holiday. The following treatments are free for all expats in the UK:

•    emergency aid in case of accidents;
•    suitable treatments for patients with tuberculosis, meningitis, malaria or cholera;
•    HIV tests;
•    family planning;
•    psychiatric treatments.

We remind that the medical staff in the UK needs to verify the health card before offering the treatments.

Who else can benefit from the health care in the UK

The legal residents, the students, the self-employed individuals and the persons working in the UK can benefit from free NHS treatments. People who live and work in the UK have access to the health care system in the country under the NHS rules and conditions. The EU/EEA individuals, the stateless persons and the refugees have complete access to the available treatments in the country. This is also available for people who lived in the UK for the last ten years and now have residency in a non-EU or EU/EEA state.

Additional information about the health care system in the UK can be obtained from our immigration solicitors in London who can also offer complete and correct assistance in visa matters for the UK, so do not hesitate to contact us.


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