How to Benefit From Tax Refunds as an Immigrant in UK

Updated on Monday 08th May 2017

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How to Benefit From Tax Refunds as an Immigrant in UK Image
Individuals settled in the UK who consider they have paid too many taxes have the right to ask for a tax refund under certain circumstances. Our immigration solicitors in London are here to offer complete help in this matter and can properly guide any immigrant in the UK who wants to apply for tax returns. Besides that, any citizen from a non-EU (European Union) country who wants to relocate to the UK can solicit complete assistance from our team in visa matters.

Details about the tax refunds for immigrants in the UK

There are numerous reasons why an immigrant in the UK can solicit tax refunds. For example, if an immigrant paid too much taxes on pension payments, considered he/she has been levied with a big amount of money from the salary as a worker in the UK or subscribed to a pension fund, he/she is entitled to apply for tax returns. People with taxed incomes both in the home country and also in the UK can ask for a tax refund if a double taxation treaty has been signed. Moreover, an immigrant with an UK residency who legally works and pays for his/her transportation can be entitled to reclaim the taxes in this matter. We remind that if you find yourself in this situation you can solicit help and guidance from our UK immigration lawyer.

Solicit tax refunds to HMRC in the UK

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK is in charge of tax collection in the country and also with tax claims and refunds. If you are interested in tax refunds or you consider you have paid too many fees in the UK, due to certain circumstances, you may address your request to HMRC who will analyze your status in the country, the incomes and the paid fees and who can contact you for further info. Once your request turns positive and your case has been concluded, the HMRC can make the refund into your bank account or can give you a cheque. If you are not eligible for tax returns, the authorities will give complete notice in this matter, with full explanations.

If you want to benefit from tax refunds in the UK, we invite you to contact our team of immigration lawyers in London for complete assistance and guidance.


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