How a Non-EU Citizen Can Work in UK

Updated on Wednesday 15th February 2017

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A work permit is necessary for all non-EU citizens to legally work in the UK and certain conditions are mandatory in this matter. Our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with assistance and guidelines when preparing the documents, besides information about the type of visa you need to enter the country.


Requirements for a work permit in the UK

People with suitable skills and experience can easily find jobs in the UK and if they are accepted, they can apply for a work permit in the UK. The non-EU citizen who wishes to work in the UK needs to hold a higher diploma and recognized degree qualifications in the country. Besides that, the applicant needs to make proof of previous experience in the chosen domain he wishes to work in the UK, financial statements and a letter of employment, with a copy of the signed contract which needs to contain information about the type of job, the salary and the period of stay. The entire procedure related to the work permit application in the UK can be explained by our immigration lawyer in London.

Types of work visas in the UK for non-EU citizens

The Tier 1 visa is needed for business persons or entrepreneurs who want to open companies in the UK, with a minimum share capital of GBP 50,000. The Tier 2 visa is available and can be obtained by religious workers or people involved in different sports activities in the UK. The temporary workers are the ones who obtained a specific job for a particular period of time and who need a tier 5 visa. This kind of visa has major importance and can be obtained by people who are involved in diplomatic affairs, government jobs or research areas.

Types of jobs in the UK for non-EU citizens

Sectors like engineering, IT, architecture, health, agriculture, insurance, economics, marketing, energy, media or education are in need of skilled workforce. Landscape architecture designer, postdoctoral scientists, learning technologists, laboratory managers, interactive media professors or marketing officer are available positions in important cities in the UK, where non-EU citizens can apply if they meet the conditions mentioned above.

You may contact our team of immigration solicitors in London for extra information about the available work permits for non-EU citizens or about the type of visas to enter the UK.


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