How a EU Citizen Can Work in UK

Updated on Wednesday 15th February 2017

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IT, medicine, construction, education, accounting, engineering, banking or finance are important domains where EU citizens can work with legal documents. The UK still has open doors and attractive work opportunities for all high-skilled EU citizens. One should know that there are certain conditions to meet when applying for a job in the UK and our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with legal assistance and proper information in this matter.

Requirements for a job in the UK

Citizens from EU (European Union) and EEA (European Economic Area) do not need a work permit as other foreign citizens do, but a registration is necessary if you are from Hungary, Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, Lithuania, Slovakia or Czech Republic, with the Registration Working Scheme in the UK. Romanian and Bulgarian citizens will need to apply for a permission before beginning the work in the country and people from Croatia will need a registration certificate to work in the UK.

Before applying for a job in the UK as a EU citizen, it is important to see if your qualifications and diplomas meet the UK NARIC's requirements, which is the UK national recognition information center that works and relates with the UK government. Citizens from EU need to consider the following aspects when applying for a job in the UK:

•    you need to have a valid passport;
•    you must have an available identity card;
•    you need to present an employment contract which shows your stay in the UK.

If you are interested in working in the UK, you may receive help and guidelines from our immigration lawyer in London.

Start working in the UK – What you need to know

EU citizens have the possibility to work in interesting fields in the UK if these positions have not been occupied in the first place by the workforce in the country. There are numerous websites under the strict supervision of the UK government and the European Commission where you can find details about the available jobs in different domains and upload your resume. Once you got accepted, you should prepare to relocate to the UK following the simple steps as for any movement. You can easily find a condominium or a suitable apartment in the UK, with proper rents in the most important cities in the UK.  The country has one of the most developed means of transportation and numerous people choose the subway and the famous buses to go to work or any other place. Besides that, the cost of living is related to the value of the city, but if you work in medicine, IT, construction or education the salaries are above average, especially for skilled workers. It is good to know that EU citizens can receive free emergency aid, can benefit the educational system and should not solicit public funds.

Available jobs in the UK for EU citizens

A good resume, an attractive diploma, and a suitable experience will help EU individuals to obtain proper jobs for £ 36,000 – 48,000 average salaries per year. Important companies are looking for environmental monitoring specialists, health and safety managers, HR business partners, accounting specialists, medical lab directors or pharmaceutical project managers.

Please feel free to contact our immigration solicitors in London for additional information about how a EU citizen can work in the UK.


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