Civil Partner Visa for UK

Updated on Thursday 09th June 2016

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A civil partner visa for UK, the same as a marriage visa for people of opposite sex, allows an individual who is in a same-sex relationship to live in the UK with his/her British citizen or UK permanent resident partner. The visa candidate has to be a citizen of a non European Economic Area (EEA) country. A civil partnership is a registered relationship between two people of the same sex.

Requirements for civil partner visa for UK 

If two partners of the same sex are in a relationship similar to a marriage, they can apply for this type of visa. In order to qualify for a civil partner visa for UK, the candidate has to prove that:

•    He/she is at least 16 years of age;
•    He/she is free from other commitments to engage in a civil partnership (single, divorced or widowed);
•    He/she is not closely related to his/her partner;
•    He/she has met his/her partner prior to the date of the visa application;
•    He/she is in a civil partnership with his/her same sex partner;
•    He/she lives together with his/her partner;
•   He/she is able to support himself/herself and his/her children, if any, or that they can be supported by the candidate’s partner, without having to appeal to public funds. Please talk to one of our London immigration solicitors if you need more details on this subject.
•    The couple has to prove they have appropriate accommodation for themselves and their dependants, if any.

Legal civil partnership or same sex marriages in the UK

Two partners of the same sex can:

•    register for a legal partnership in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland;
•    get married in England, Scotland and Wales;
•    convert their civil partnership into a marriage in England, Scotland and Wales.

UK civil partner visa length

The civil partner visa for UK is issued for 33 months, if the candidate applies from overseas, or 30 months, if applying from inside the country. You can further prologue it for another 30 months, which will take your reside in the UK up to five years. After these years, if you are still living with your initial civil partner, you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR).

Our immigration lawyers in UK are qualified to offer you broad guidance for all types of UK visas and work permits. We have extensive experience involving immigration issues in this country and we can successfully guide you through the visa process in the least amount of time with ease. Contact us now if you wish to receive the right advice regarding immigration issues within the UK.


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