Your Rights as an EU Immigrant in the UK

Updated on Sunday 23rd April 2017

Your Rights as an EU Immigrant in the UK Image
The UK opened its doors way back in history to all kinds of immigrants, appreciating as much as possible the contribution of these citizens in various sectors. Although Brexit was voted, the UK is still an EU (European Union) member state until further changes, and respects the rights of any immigrant established in the country or in a relocation process. Our immigration solicitors in London are here to offer information and guidance in visa matters for all people interested in moving to the UK.

Living in the UK for less than five years

Citizens from EU and non-EU countries who live and work in the UK for about five years still have the right to reside here and are not obliged to change their documents or current permits. The policies and the rules when registering with the authorities as soon as a person entered the UK did not change and the residence permits applications will still be issued in the same manner as before. As for the non-EU family members, they need to apply for a UK family visa, marriage visa or fiancée visa if they want to reunite with a settled person in the country. If your residence permit is about to expire, it is necessary to apply for a new one with the local immigration office in charge with this matter. Our UK immigration lawyers can provide complete help and assistance for those who want to immigrate here.

EU and non-EU citizens will not be forced to leave the UK

There have been numerous rumours about the probability of eliminating the immigrants from the UK, but these have been removed by the official statements in the country which say that an immigrant will continue with his/her activities as long as they respect the laws. The referendum which took place in the UK last year did not conclude with eliminating the rights of immigrants once the country gets out of the European Union. If an immigrant abuses of his free movement rights in the UK, then he will be subject to a potential public threat, a case where he might be forced to leave the UK. As a short conclusion, citizens who want to establish in the UK can benefit from the rights and privileges as any British citizen in the country. The right to free education and healthcare are among important civil rights in a respected country like the UK. 

People who want to immigrate to the UK are advised to solicit guidance and information about the needed visas from our immigration lawyers in London. Please contact us if you have any other questions

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