What You Need to Know About Naturalization in the UK

Updated on Friday 13th January 2017

What You Need to Know About Naturalization in the UK Image
Foreign citizens who want to obtain the British citizenship by naturalization must be at least 18 years and to live in the country for at least five consecutive years plus one more as a settled resident in the UK. There are certain conditions to meet when applying for naturalization and our immigration solicitors in London can offer assistance and guidance in this matter.

Requirements for UK naturalization 

Numerous citizens from Germany, Ukraine, France, Spain, South Africa or India have British citizenships after living for five years in the UK or through a marriage to a British citizen. Applying for the British citizenship can be made as an individual request, using a representative or applying with the Nationality Checking Service in the UK. If you want to apply for a British citizenship, it is recommended to understand the conditions and to meet all the important requirements, such as:

•    you need to have solid knowledge of writing and reading in English;
•    you must have a clear criminal record and no problems with the authorities;
•    you need to have knowledge about the life in the UK;
•    you must meet the important requirements related to your residency in the country;
•    you must not have been living more than 450 days outside the UK in five years of residency in the country.

Besides presenting a valid identification card and a passport you need to fill the application form and to provide other documents on request. Our UK immigration lawyer can provide you with essential details and guideline about the naturalization process.

Citizenship ceremony in the UK

After receiving the approval for your naturalization in the UK, a ceremony will be prepared for this major event. Usually, the local council is in charge with such occasion and the fee of about £ 80 needs to be paid when scheduling the event. You can also bring your family member and you can ask for a private ceremony. One should know that a promise of loyalty will be made where respecting the law, the rules and the regulations of the country are mandatory. This is the important moment when you will receive the British citizenship certificate. The UK naturalization lets you enjoy the privileges of any British citizen in the country, for a proper living and self-developing.

Additional information about the UK naturalization process can be found if you contact our team of immigration lawyers in London.

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