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Updated on Tuesday 21st March 2017

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As we know, the emergency aid is free for everyone, no matter the nationality you might have and no matter the British city you live in. The UK is also known for its suitable healthcare system which aligns with the important systems worldwide, made of experienced doctors and ultimate technology in medicine. The immigrants in the UK can benefit from the healthcare system and need to register as soon as they relocate in the country with the NHS (National Health System). Our immigration solicitors in London are able to offer comprehensive information in this matter, besides granting details about the needed visas to enter the UK.

Immigration Health Surcharge – what you need to know

People who choose to relocate in the UK have access to education, well-paid jobs, and complete healthcare benefits. An immigrant in the UK must pay the healthcare surcharge when applying for a visa and a residence permit in the country. The Immigration Health Surcharge is dedicated to all immigrants in the UK, a special programme which is part of the NHS in the country. A reference number will be granted by the NHS in the UK, meaning a registration as an individual or immigrant in the UK. You will have the chance to access certain medical treatments, as a settled immigrant in the country, considering that the Immigration Health Surcharge programme is different from the private medical insurance. If you want to apply for an IHS number in the UK, it is recommended to solicit help and guidance from our immigration lawyers in London.

Who is exempt from paying the healthcare surcharge in the UK?

Although IHS is mandatory when arriving in the UK, there are particular categories which are not enforced to pay the surcharge, such as:

•    people who apply for a Tier 2 intra-company transfer;
•    children under 18 who are supervised by the local authorities;
•    civilian employees under the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization);
•    citizens of countries which are exempted from immigration control.

The reference number will be granted if you are part of the categories mentioned above, and people who apply for a UK visitor visa, indefinite leave to remain, asylum seekers, or citizens who apply for a visa for the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man are exempt from paying the IHS.

Get in touch with our team of immigration solicitors in London for extra information about the UK healthcare for immigrants.

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