Types of Work Contracts in the UK - What You Need to Know

Updated on Thursday 18th May 2017

Types of Work Contracts in the UK - What You Need to Know Image
Employers in the UK have the possibility to offer different types of work contracts, according to the type of work and position they offer in the company. For instance, companies in the Great Britain can offer full time or part time contracts, but also fixed-term contracts or all kinds of collaborations for low tax rates. If you have found a job in the UK and you need to know details about the terms and conditions of a contract, you may ask for assistance from our immigration solicitors in London.

Contracts and the companies in the UK

Employers in the UK, whether they are local or from overseas should know that the work contracts for their employees must be in accordance with the law in the country and should stipulate the conditions in clear terms. A contract needs to contain details about the social contributions to the National Insurance in the UK, the maternity leave, working hours per week, the holiday payment and also information about the starting date and the length of the agreement if a fixed-term is involved. Moreover, an employer must provide at least the minimum wage for his workers, register with the HM Revenue and Customs, to handle with the payrolls, offer a safe working location for his employees and to take into consideration the flexible working hours if such requests are made. We remind that any citizen from a non-EU (European Union) country interested in relocating for work in the Great Britain should solicit information about the needed visas to enter the country, from our UK immigration lawyers.

Details about the fixed-term contracts in the UK

The fixed-term contracts in the UK are subject to a particular length of time, where the starting and the ending date are mentioned and agreed with the employee. This type of contract comes with the same benefits and conditions as for a long-term agreement offered by a company in the UK and usually are preferred and obtained by students involved in a different project or by persons who are relocated in the country only for a specific time. An employer can renew the fixed-term work contract and change it into a permanent one.

Freelancers in the UK

There are many people who want to work as freelancers in the UK or as contractors, meaning that they are self-employed persons for which a special contract needs to be signed. Such individuals are entitled to pay their own taxes or social contributions and can negotiate the income with the company interested in their services.

For further questions about the types of work contracts in the UK or about the immigration services we can provide for you, do not hesitate to contact our team of immigration solicitors in UK.

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