The Evolution of Immigration to UK After 1945

Updated on Friday 10th March 2017

The Evolution of Immigration to UK After 1945 Image
About 80 million people were registered in the UK at the end of the 18th century, until 1956. Most of them were immigrants who entered the country without having to apply for a visa or for a special document. In those times, the British Empire covered a large proportion of the globe, due to many conquered colonies. Our immigration solicitors in London can provide you with information about how to immigrate to the UK and the needed visas to enter and legally stay in the UK.

UK immigration facts after the World War II 

Many UK colonies obtained the independence after the WWII, and immigrants from Oceania, South East Asia and India were part of the majority settled in the UK without visas or other documents. According to the British Nationality Act 1948, about 80 million people lived in the vast British Empire, filling the labor market in sectors like health, education, transportation or other public services. Skilled people were gratefully accepted in the country, offering substantial support to the economy of those times.

People from Hungary, Uganda, China, Poland, Ukraine, and India came in large numbers to the UK as soon as the war was over.  Our immigration lawyer in London can offer you comprehensive assistance when preparing the needed documents for your visa.

The Commonwealth Immigrants Act in 1968

The immigration situation changed a little bit with the new rules and regulations stipulated in the Commonwealth Immigrants Act in 1968. The citizens who wanted to enter the country had to provide information about the job offers they had, about their skills, in order for the authorities to analyze if they fulfill the special labor places on the market. These measures were implemented after the continuous and vigorous support of Enoch Powell, a British conservative politician who sustained a notorious “Rivers of Blood” speech, which was understood as an anti-immigrant protest. This act came after the Commonwealth Immigrants Act 1962 which allowed any citizen to enter the UK without barriers or special restrictions, where the passports and other significant documents being supervised by the governors of colonies in those times.

1972 came with new rules related to the immigration in UK, and work permits were issued by the authorities, as convenient and legal documents for all types of jobs in the country. The civil war in Somalia changed the immigration status in the UK, numerous Somalian citizens seeking asylum or a suitable place to stay in the country. The immigration in UK is still a hard subject for any debate, and new regulations in this matter are expected to be enforced.

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