The Contribution of Immigration Workers to the UK Economy

Updated on Friday 10th November 2017

The Contribution of Immigration Workers to the UK Economy Image
The rules related to Brexit are soon going to be implemented, but until then, the authorities are analyzing the workforce and how foreigners have contributed to the overall economy in the UK. In this matter, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) in the country asked for an analysis in sectors like agriculture, healthcare, or professional services. On the other hand, we mention that foreigners are still welcomed in UK, but complete attention on the visa rules and conditions can be obtained from our immigration solicitors in London.

Workforce in healthcare in UK

One of the most important domains in UK is the healthcare. According to the latest statistics for 2016, there have been registered around 47.5 million of cases with patients who couldn’t make an appointment with a doctor, due to a shortened medical staff in UK. At the moment, the authorities are trying to improve the healthcare system by considering the EU and non-EU workforce for UK, without affecting the careers of UK workers.

Workforce in agriculture in UK

One of the most important engines of the economy in UK is for sure the agriculture which according to experts is going to be affected in the years to come. This is because a shortage of the labor force in UK is expected, particularly the seasonal workforce. In this matter, many companies with activities in agriculture have pulled the sign of alarm and officially asked the authorities to consider some measures and improvements to reassure migrants they are welcomed in UK. We remind that the agriculture in the country contributed to the overall economy with about GBP 28.2 billion in 2016. On the other hand, we remind that all citizens can receive assistance in immigration and visa applications from our UK immigration lawyers.

A big demand for the seasonal workforce in UK

In order to not affect the agricultural sector in UK, experts in economy consider it is best to make investments in automation and machinery. On the other side, due to a big demand for the seasonal workforce, the government might reconsider the SAWS (Seasonal Agricultural Workers Scheme) in UK which had a huge success, remembering that with this programme, Romanian, Bulgarian and other nationality workers relocated in the UK for a minimum of six months. SAWS was closed in 2013, but there are chances to reopen, taking into consideration the demand in the agriculture sector in UK.

If you are a foreign citizen who wants to enter UK and need a type of visa, we suggest you contact our team of immigration solicitors in London.

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