The Aliens Act 1905 - The First Immigration Law in the UK

Updated on Tuesday 21st February 2017

The Aliens Act 1905 - The First Immigration Law in the UK Image
Russians, Polish, and Jews were the first migrants registered in the UK, followed by many others from different countries worldwide. The first document related to the immigration in the UK was created in 1905 and was intended to categorize the migrants in the country. We invite you to read interesting aspects about one of the most important legislation in the United Kingdom and we remind you that our immigration solicitors in London can offer suitable information about the types of visas you need to enter the UK.

Why was the Aliens Act 1905 created in the UK?

The fear of persecution made numerous citizens to leave their countries and to find new and suitable homes, or simply asylum. The UK in those times was a country with many opportunities and proper conditions of living for people from Russia or Poland. Dealing with a massive wave of immigrants, the UK authorities considered it is time to protect the land and the properties in cases where immigrants transformed into criminals or had different health problems. In other words, the Aliens Act 1905 excluded the problematic migrants, but accepted the asylum seekers in the UK, if they provided documents and statements regarding their reasons.

“Bad” immigrants were expulsed from the UK

In 1914, the UK enforced another important document, the Aliens Restriction Act which allowed the authorities to deport immigrants who didn’t correspond with the rules and regulations of the country. For instance, it was forbidden to hire overseas citizens on British vessels, but Chinese, African or Indian individuals were discovered working by the sea, as hired immigrants who were instantly deported from the Great Britain. The same legislation mentioned that foreigners who wanted to apply for jobs in civil services were not welcomed in the UK because of their nationality. These immigration documents were disputed for many years, due to racist provisions and special measures which nowadays no longer exist.

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