Reconsideration Requests for UK Visas

Updated on Sunday 16th July 2017

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If you applied for another type of visa in UK and the decision in this matter is not as expected, you have the right to request a reconsideration. From the beginning, we mention that a reconsideration request is not an appeal to the visa decision in your case and cannot be considered an administrative review. For a better understanding of a reconsideration request in visa cases, we remind that you can talk to our immigration solicitors in London, who can provide you with legal help and advice.

How to make a reconsideration request in UK

A reconsideration request can be made by citizens established in the UK who want to apply for other types of visas. Individuals who consider the immigration rules or conditions have not been properly analyzed in their cases have the possibility to make a reconsideration request. For example, persons who are interested in extending the leave to remain or to transfer the indefinite leave to remain to a biometric residence permit for UK can apply to the UK Visas and Immigration Office, that will take decisions after a proper examination of the applications. If you do not agree with the decision of the authorities, you can make a reconsideration request if you provide new evidence regarding the documents or about the wrong information the UKVI received in your case.

Our immigration lawyer in UK is able to analyze your visa application and to guide you throughout the entire procedure of reconsideration request, where a letter on your behalf is mandatory.

What happens if the reconsideration request has been refused

The reconsideration request can be refused by the immigration authorities if you applied for another type of visa before the decision on your case. If you have made a reconsideration request and after that you received another visa, different from the one in the initial application, the immigration authorities have the power of rejecting your reconsideration request. Furthermore, persons who left the UK or have been deported from the country will receive a refusal of their reconsideration request.

Additional information and details about the reconsideration of the request for UK visas can be obtained from our team of immigration solicitors in London, therefore, do not hesitate to contact us.

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