Prolonged Work Permits for Highly Skilled Workers After Brexit

Updated on Saturday 14th October 2017

Prolonged Work Permits for Highly Skilled Workers After Brexit Image
Even if Brexit has raised numerous questions and debates regarding the foreign workforce, it is good to know that highly-skilled workers from overseas are still welcomed in the Great Britain, alongside with the ones considered with lower skills, but with varied conditions among which we mention the biometric residence permit. In matters of visas or work permits in UK, a solid information and legal support can be obtained from our team of immigration solicitors in London.

New rules for highly skilled migrants in UK

The decision of leaving the EU came with additional rules for immigrants who want to enter the UK. This should not alarm foreigners, as the authorities want to improve the conditions of working and living in the United Kingdom. For instance, the focus is on highly skilled immigrants who are interested in relocating in the UK, and who will receive work permits available for 5 years compared to the validity of 3 years as it is now. According to the Home Office for Immigration in UK, a new immigration system is on debate which also regards the family members of highly skilled immigrants.

If you are interested in working in UK as a skilled immigrant, you can focus your attention on a suitable and legal help in document matters offered by our immigration lawyers in UK.

Lower-skilled workers from abroad are still accepted in UK

It is true, the information about the new immigration rules which will come with the exit of the UK from the European Union continues to change, but won’t affect persons who are willing to work in the country as highly or lower-skilled immigrants. The authorities consider implementing a temporary biometric residence permit for EU citizens and will solicit valid passports when entering the UK. These are only safety measures which are not meant to harden the ways in which lower-skilled immigrants can relocate and work in the United Kingdom

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