New Rules for Social Workers Who Supervise Asylum Seekers

Updated on Monday 20th November 2017

New Rules for Social Workers Who Supervise Asylum Seekers Image
UK is home to many asylum seekers who want a better life in a country that respects the human rights. With a massive wave of migrants, most of them Syrians in search for humanitarian protection in Europe, the UK decided to implement new rules and guidelines for social workers in charge of refugees. If you are a migrant who needs support, or if you are an individual who wants to apply for a visa, we suggest you address to our immigration lawyers in London.

How refugees can be helped in UK

Asylum seekers worldwide have the right to establish in any country which provides support and respects the privileges as stipulated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The social workers in UK are in charge of how refugees can be accepted and integrated into the society. They must respect the legal framework and should understand the new rules imposed. Now, the focus is on children which are vulnerable in such situations and cannot understand why they don’t have a home anymore. The social workers must perform their activities in accordance with the applicable legislation and need to find better ways to talk to employees in UK and make them aware that asylum seekers want to work and to properly make part of the society alongside with the family members. Refugees in UK have certain rights which can be entirely explained by our immigration solicitors in London.

Avoiding racism and hate crimes in UK

Refugees have always been subject to racism and hate crime, regardless of the country chosen for starting a new life. The authorities in UK want to create awareness by focusing on the real problem related to the wave of migrants which recently met new levels in Europe. People have rights in any situations and refugees in UK must be integrated into the society with the help of varied programmes and social workers focusing on better ways to ease the process, where hate crimes and racism should be diminished. Persons outside EU wanting to relocate to the UK can get in touch with our team of immigration lawyers in UK for complete support and assistance.

Our immigration services in London are at your disposal for any kind of request you might have, so please feel free to contact us.

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