How to Obtain a Sponsor Licence in UK

Updated on Wednesday 14th June 2017

How to Obtain a Sponsor Licence in UK Image
Companies interested in hiring workers from outside the EEA (European Economic Zone) or Switzerland need to obtain a sponsor licence in this matter, but with the concern that such important document is not a substitute for visas to enter the UK. It is recommended to get in touch with our immigration solicitors in London who can provide you with complete information about the rules and regulations regarding the sponsor licence in UK. The same team can offer details and guidance for persons interested in visas to enter the country.

The licence application process for companies in UK

Companies with registered businesses in the UK have the possibility to hire workforce from countries with special statuses, such as the ones from the EEA and Switzerland. For this to happen, there are legal steps to consider, among which we remind that the UK Visas and Immigration representatives can check the eligibility of your business. If you have offered details about the jobs you offer as a company where a sponsorship licence is needed, the authorities may grant you the licence rating which allows a company to allocate certificates of sponsorship. Make sure to ask for information in this matter and for visa details from our immigration lawyer in London.

The responsibilities of a sponsor in UK

Once the licence of sponsorship has been granted, a company needs to respect the rules in this matter and to be aware of the responsibilities which come with this important status. For instance, the enterprises need to hire only skilled migrants after a proper analysis of the qualifications. If a person is eligible for the proposed job, a certificate of sponsorship will be issued, in order for the immigrant to apply for a UK visa.

The UK companies and their foreign employees

The company which signed work contracts with employees from overseas needs to supervise the immigration status of each worker, by keeping copies of the documents, communicating any work change of an employee and if he/she has terminated the work contract. Any information about the status of an immigrant regarding the work visa and the changes which might intervene need to be offered to the UK Visas and Immigration Office.

We remind that complete information about how to obtain a sponsor licence and the responsibilities that come with it can be obtained from our team of immigration solicitors in UK, so please feel free to contact us.

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