Financial Declarations When Entering the UK

Updated on Monday 17th April 2017

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EU (European Citizens) and non-EU citizens who want to visit or to relocate to the UK need to make financial declarations if they carry more than EUR 10,000. Additional details and information in this matter and also in immigration services can be obtained from our immigration solicitors in London. If you want to avoid penalties or other restrictions, it is best to declare your right sum of money when entering the UK.

Bringing money from a EU country in the UK

Citizens from EU countries are not obliged to declare their amount of money when entering the UK. But if you are a citizen of a EU country on your way to a non-EU country through the UK, you are obliged to declare the money you possess. Travel cheques, notes or coins must be declared at the border when entering the UK, even if it’s a family finance matter which sums up more than EUR 10,000. A special form needs to be filled and then showed to the customs officers in the UK, as soon as you arrive in the UK. You may solicit comprehensive details from our immigration lawyer in UK, when deciding to visit UK and you have money to declare.

Bringing money from a non-EU country in the UK

All persons from non-EU countries who want to visit the UK or to establish here will need to make the financial declarations, especially if they own more than EUR 10,000 or the equivalent in the currency of the home country. The same is available for people who enter the UK on their way to another non-EU country, with a transit visa. We remind that non-EU citizens need a visa to enter the UK, and suitable information and guidance can be obtained from our UK immigration lawyers.

What happens if you do not declare your money when entering the UK

If the UK customs officers have solid grounds to suspect you of a crime if you possess a large amount of money, they can keep the money for at least 48 hours. A court order will then be necessary to release the amount of money if there are no grounded suspicions. People who do not declare their finances when entering the UK can be subject to a GBP 5,000 penalty.

We invite you to contact our team of immigration solicitors in the UK for extra information about the financial declarations you need to make when entering the country.

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