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Updated on Saturday 18th February 2017

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The first Chinese citizens were registered in the UK at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century, in London and Liverpool. Looking for a new home and new possibilities, the Chinese represents nowadays an important part in the UK, and if you are interested in relocating here, it is recommended to ask details about the needed visa from our immigration solicitors in the UK who can offer comprehensive information in this matter.

Short story about the Chinese Migration in the UK

According to the documents of those times, Wu Tin Fang is considered to be the first Chinese citizen who studied in London. Most people from China came to the UK to work by the sea or in agriculture, setting up families in the country. In 1890 a small community of Chinese individuals was registered in London, taking jobs in different domains. But this population also developed businesses in the food sector, with attractive restaurants and Chinese shops.

An important period in history relates to the end of World War I when the Aliens Restriction Act was signed in 1919 and restricted the access to the Chinese population to enter the UK. Things changed a little bit and in the 1930s about 5,000 Chinese residents were registered, many of them working by the sea. Before the World War II, Zhonghua Middle School was the first Chinese education center settled in Middlefield.

Chinese migration after World War II in the UK

This period registered the biggest wave of Chinese migration in the UK, and people from Hong Kong came in the country to work in agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism or to open their own businesses, most of them being restaurants. We remind that you can receive complete information about the types of visas you need to enter the UK, according to your purposes, from our immigration lawyers in London.

Chinese migration nowadays in the UK

The Chinese community developed quite fast and about 30,000 citizens were registered in the UK, with special health centers, schools, restaurants, and many other fruitful businesses. The 1980s came with important laws and many Chinese individuals became UK citizens with legal forms, due to the British Nationality Act in 1981. About 50,000 families received the British citizenship by the end of 1989. TV shows, newspapers, clubs, schools, bookshops were created for Chinese people established in the UK, who enjoyed the privileges offered for any citizen in the country. Important Chinese communities are nowadays settled in the major cities in the UK. According to the law, the British women choose not to get married to the Chinese men in those times, in order not to lose the citizenship.

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