Bringing the Personal Goods in the UK as an Immigrant

Updated on Thursday 16th March 2017

Bringing the Personal Goods in the UK as an Immigrant Image
People who want to move to the UK from different countries worldwide should analyze the rules and regulations regarding the entrance and acceptance of their personal goods. Vehicles, cash, animals, tobacco and alcohol may be subject to different fees, considering the country you come from. Our immigration solicitors in London are here to offer you help and guidance when applying for a UK visa. If you want to relocate in the UK with your personal goods, it is best to ask for information from our advisors.

What you need to know about the personal goods in the UK

From the beginning, we remind that you cannot bring to the UK illegal drugs, weapons, personal imports of meat, rough diamonds, endangered animal and plant species, ammunitions and explosives. The customs officer has the right to ban you from entering in the UK with goods or materials that are subject to intellectual property rights. As for the allowed personal goods you can declare at the border control, we remind that you can bring numerous items if they sum up the permitted quantity, for instance:

•    250g of tobacco;
•    no more than 10 packs of cigarettes;
•    2 liters of alcohol beverages with no more than 22% alcohol;
•    goods worth £ 400.

One should know that tobacco and alcohol are subject to a certain fee also known as an excise duty which is applicable to all goods that come from countries outside the EU. The personal finances counting more than EUR 10,000 must be declared at the customs border at your arrival in the UK. Our immigration lawyers in the UK can provide you with information about the goods you can bring in the country and about the types of visas you need to enter the UK.

Entering the UK – important rules to consider

Depending on your nationality and the purpose of the visit, you might need a special type of visa to enter the UK. We remind that citizens from EU do not need visas to enter the country, but Brexit might involve specific rules which are expected to be announced by the authorities in charge. To legally enter the UK, you must have a valid passport for the entire stay, you need to declare the goods including the ones destined for sale in the country and you also need to declare the money you own if it involves more than the legal and established sum. For vehicles, boats, and electronics, a certain transportation and taxes need to be considered.

Contact our team of immigration lawyers in the UK for extra details about how to bring the personal goods in the country.

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