Assistance and Representation for Immigrants in UK

Updated on Monday 28th August 2017

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Citizens from outside EU (European Union) who want to relocate to the UK can receive complete legal assistance in immigration matters from our immigration solicitors in London who are specialized in this area. Our team can offer a varied range of immigration services in cases like naturalization, obtaining a permanent visa in UK, applying for a work permit or for a student visa or in several corporate matters.

Assistance on immigration matters in UK

The immigration legislation is a complex area of Civil Law, providing the legislative framework regulating the immigration flow in UK.  Our UK immigration lawyers can offer assistance for your visa application in UK and can provide you with an approach to your case in order to maximize the rate of success. Our team can assist persons interested in visiting UK to obtain a standard visitor visa which has been introduced starting with 24th of April 2015. This type of visa, which can be issued for a period of maximum six months, replaced a set of visas, such as family visitor visa or business visitor visa. Assistance for family members of persons who are UK citizens or for the process of receiving work permits here can be received on request.

Companies with establishments in London which are seeking to hire foreign employees from outside EU (European Union) can do this as long as the individuals have received permissions to work in the UK. In the situation in which the persons don't have the unrestricted permission to work on the UK’s territory, the employer should obtain a sponsor license for the future employees. 

Representation on immigration issues in UK 

Immigrants who have not received their permits to access the UK can present their case to our advisors who can offer their insight on the status of the application. Our lawyers can also predict if it is possible to appeal in a court the decisions taken by the immigration authorities.

Conditions to obtain a work permit in UK

From the beginning, it is good to know that citizens from EU or from EEA (European Economic Area) do not need to apply for a work permit. The Home Office and Immigration Agency in UK issues the work permits for other categories of citizens who need to consider a few important aspects. For example, a work permit is granted in accordance with the professional level and area of expertise. In UK, a foreign citizen can apply for a work permit for domestic workers, members of religious orders, skilled workers, talented people, or for people in search of a temporary work in UK. Furthermore, if you are an investor looking to open a company in UK, a Tier 1 visa for entrepreneurs is necessary, besides a minimum share capital of about GBP 50,000. People who want to apply for a work permit must offer details about the employer which is going to be considered a sponsor in such case, a recognized diploma, and at least three years of experience. In any situation, whether you want to work in UK or set up a firm, our UK immigration lawyer can help with legal support.

Conditions to obtain family visa in UK

Citizens outside EU or EEA who want to join a partner already settled in UK have the possibility of applying for a family visa in UK. This type of document is issued if the person is over 18, intends to live in the country, provides details about accommodation in UK, have English knowledge and passed the tuberculosis test. One should know that UK also issues the family visa for joining your partner which can be granted if there is a marriage or an engagement involved and the couple has been living together for at least two years. Furthermore, the foreign citizen must meet the financial requirements, in order to see that he/she can support himself/herself during the stay in the UK with the family.

Obtain British citizenship

The British citizenship is the same thing with the naturalization in UK and this status is available for citizens living in the country for at least five years without spending more than 90 days per year outside UK. Besides that, the person who wants to obtain the British citizenship must pass the “Life in the UK test”. It is good to know that persons married with a British citizen can apply for citizenship, if they have lived for at least three years in the UK. Complete information about how to obtain the British citizenship and the requirements in this matter can be obtained from our immigration solicitors in London. Even if, from varied reasons, your application for citizenship in UK has been denied, our team can analyze the grounds and can offer legal support in front of the authorities. 

If you need assistance or legal representation on immigration issues in UK, please contact our team of immigration solicitors in London



March 1, 2016

What is the process of receiving a Standard Visitor visa in UK?

Hello, you can send us your request via e-mail and one of our specialists will answer you.

Rakesh Bhardwaj

March 4, 2016

I am an MBA in International Business and having experience of more than 30 years in the marketing of steel structure material and building hardware industry. I hold an Indian Passport and working in East Africa for the last 15 years. I am keen to come over to the UK to work. Can you suggest the route to success, as I don't get job offer without having authorization to work in the country.

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