Assistance and Representation for Immigrants in UK

Updated on Tuesday 01st March 2016

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Assistance and Representation for Immigrants in UK Image
Persons interested in relocating to United Kingdom (UK) should know that they can be represented on such matters by solicitors specialized in immigration issues. Although not all the legal matters related to immigration require the assistance of a local lawyer, it is advisable to receive the help of a qualified team of specialists or lawyers, who are very familiar to this environment. Our immigration lawyers in London can provide you with a wide range of immigration services, such as assistance on naturalization process, obtaining a permanent visa in UK, obtaining visas on employment or family basis and other services for corporate matters. 

Assistance on immigration matters in UK

The immigration legislation is a complex area of Civil Law, providing the legislative framework regulating the immigration flow in UK

Our immigration lawyers in London can offer you assistance for your visa application in UK and can provide you with an approach on your case in order to maximize the rate of success. 

The lawyers can assist persons interested in visiting UK to obtain a standard visitor visa, which has been introduced starting with 24th of April 2015. This type of visa, which can be issued for a period of maximum six months, replaced a set of visas, such as family visitor visa or business visitor visa. 

Our solicitors can provide you with assistance for family members of persons who are UK citizens or for the process of receiving a work permit here. 

Companies set up in London, UK, which are seeking to hire a foreign employee from outside the European Union’s area can employ such a person as long as the individual has received the permission to work in UK. In the situation in which the person does not have the unrestricted permission to work on the UK’s territory, the employer should obtain a sponsor license for the future employee. 

Representation on immigration issues in UK 

Immigrants who have not received their permits to access the UK can present their case to our immigration attorneys in London, who can offer their insight on the status of the application; the lawyers can also predict if it is possible to appeal in a court the decisions taken by the immigration authorities. 

If you need assistance or legal representation on immigration issues in UK, please contact our immigration solicitors in London



March 1, 2016

What is the process of receiving a Standard Visitor visa in UK?

Hello, you can send us your request via e-mail and one of our specialists will answer you.

Rakesh Bhardwaj

March 4, 2016

I am an MBA in International Business and having experience of more than 30 years in the marketing of steel structure material and building hardware industry. I hold an Indian Passport and working in East Africa for the last 15 years. I am keen to come over to the UK to work. Can you suggest the route to success, as I don't get job offer without having authorization to work in the country.

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